How to Ramp Up Your Revenue With No Extra Work

By Jeanne Hurlbert, PhD

Can you increase your revenue with absolutely no increase in effort—no new product, no new ad campaign, nothing?  If you’re thinking this is one of those hyped-up claims, think again.

It works–for our clients, for our customers–and it can work for you.  That’s why we’ve built these techniques our new Instant Customer Connection systems.  More about that later–but first, let me tell you how this has worked for one of our customers.

One of the businesses in our community increased her revenue, quickly and easily, with a simple survey.  They continue to reap the rewards, month after month.

Although the business in this case study is a small, young, ecommerce store, the strategy works just as effectively for $100-million companies—and at that level, the rewards can be even larger.

The goals for this survey were simple:  They wanted to gather proof that their customers were satisfied with their products and customer service; they also wanted to find out if a new product line they were considering would sell.

To measure these factors, they used some simple questions:

  • To gather more proof to convert customers, they included our “testimonial generator,” which allowed them to gather testimonials, with permission to use them, right inside the survey.  (That’s the tool that has gathered 868 testimonials, with permission to use them, for one of our clients–we tell you about that below.)
  • To get extra statistical proof, they also included some of our standard satisfaction questions, as well as
  • some questions to find out what new products and services their customers might like.

The results?  Phenomenal.

This small business now has 15-20 testimonials coming in, per month, ready to post on their website.

They have irrefutable statistical proof showing that

  • Over 95% of respondents expressed satisfaction with the products purchased
  • Over 90% would recommend the website to a friend
  • Over 90% say that they “definitely” or “probably” would buy from them again, knowing what they know now

Fully 1 in 3 said that the product exceeded their expectations (those are the people highly likely to give referrals).

Product creation.   The survey identified a new product that nearly 44% of their customers think they’ll purchase within the next 6 months, 3 other new products that at least 20% (1 in 5) think they’ll purchase in the next 6 months.  So the survey gave them priceless information on how to prioritize their new products—thanks to this insider information, they’ll know how to pick winners.  Wouldn’t you like to have a “CSI” like that in your business, to feed you information about what will work?

Well, her “survey CSI” also showed them what NOT to create.

They found out that their customers weren’t interested in a new service that this business had planned to roll out–so they avoided spending time and money creating a service that would fail.  Whew.

Quick Fixes.  The survey gave them another useful caution:  They found 3 areas of the website that their customers wanted them to improve.  These are easy fixes that can improve their customers’ experience, right away.  And as you know well, any time you improve your customers’ experience, you also improve your bottom line.

Social Media Strategy.  The survey showed the business owners exactly what content that their customers are interested in; they’ll use this information to tailor a social media campaign that draws new leads and builds their community.  Knowing what kind of content your customers want is critical for social media ROI–that’s why teaming social media and surveys is such a smart strategy.  It’s absolutely critical that your social media strategy gives your community “what they want, where they are.”

Who Are They? The customer profile section of the survey showed them that their customers were older and more educated than they thought.  (I can’t tell you how many times this happens:  You think you know who your customers are until you find out who they really are, with a survey.)  Now, they’ll target their messages and offers in a new way that will make their customers feel that the business knows them personally.

As an added payoff, they found out that their customers want a monthly newsletter, not more frequent communication.

The biggest payoff of all?   The comments in the testimonials told them that customers thought their prices were low–really low.   Based on that, the company raised its prices with no decline in sales or customer complaints.  So they really DID increase her revenue with no additional work!

That’s amazing ROI from a survey that took about a day to put together.

This is just one example of how surveys can transform your business.

Is this just an isolated case?  Absolutely not.  Another client is going through a major launch right now.  I helped them with a survey, using the same testimonial generator used in the case study above, and we gathered 868 testimonials, with permission to use them.  Those folks estimated that the testimonials will be worth at least $500,000 in their launch. They’re being courted by a major company right now for a JV that could take their business to the stratosphere and the survey generated proof that the market demand was there, proof that will be invaluable in their negotiations.

The bottom line is that, whether you’re a fledgling startup or a billion-dollar company, surveys pay off.

But the PROBLEM has been that many of you say you just don’t have time to do a survey yourself and you’re worried about how to get it programmed and get response.

Well, we heard you!  So we’ve created three new systems that let you accomplish what our client did, while we do all the work for you.  If you’re part of our community and getting our emails, you should have already have gotten information about how to get a sneak peek at what we’ve built.  If you’re not part of our community already, go here so you can take our quiz to find out where you need to use surveys to make money, get our FREE ebook, and find out more about our new systems!

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