One of Our Favorite Resources

By Jeanne Hurlbert, PhD

With the new year fast approaching, this is the time to review your goals for next year and start getting things in place to achieve them.

At this point, you should have

  • your goals identified clearly;
  • strategies laid out for achieving those goals;
  • tactics that will get you there; and
  • resources identified.
It’s also a great time to identify new resources that will help you leverage your time and team more effectively.
One of the resources we use on our team is a free service called Dropbox.  It’s a great tool for sharing videos or large files with clients, collaborators, or anyone who needs access to a big file.
It’s super simple to use and the best part is, it’s absolutely free.
To sign up and start using it in your business, just go here:


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One thought on “One of Our Favorite Resources

  1. Hi Jeanne, I have used dropbox before to share an audio file but I could not manage to let it stream; meaning that when somebody clicked the link the audio did not start to play, so I thouht it does not allow audio streaming. Is that true or am I missing something?

    Thanks, Demian

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