How to Connect with Your Customers and Prospects

I want to talk to you today about the #1 way you can skyrocket your success. First, a story:  Apparently Londoners once complained bitterly that busses were passing them by as they waited to board.  The now-infamous response from the transit system was, “How can you expect us to keep a bus schedule if we must stop constantly to pick up riders?”

Amusing as this is, it contains far more than a grain of truth and an important reminder for us all. Too often, we fall into the trap of seeing customers as “inconveniences” who interrupt our “work.” On the wall in the office of one of our family physicians hangs a sign that reads, “Patients aren’t an interruption to my business.  Patients are my business.” That’s the kind of physician I want. And that’s the kind of attitude I want to have toward my prospects and customers:  They are my business and I strive to serve them well.

Look around at the top marketers, the ones whose careers have skyrocketed. Almost without exception, these are folks who have served their customers and prospects—they sell so much precisely because they serve so well. But the question I hear so often is, “how do I know HOW to serve my customers?  And how do I know if I’m serving them well?”

Over the next few days, I’m going to show you EXACTLY how to answer those questions.

The first step to doing that is to CONNECT with your customers and prospects. That’s right:  To serve your customers, you first have to connect with them.  To do that, you have to start “building your tribe” and learning more about who they are and what they want. Many of you ask me every day how to do that and the fastest, easiest, least expensive way I know to begin that process is to put up a lead page and ask your prospects and customers what their #1 problem is about something related to your business or industry, the #1 problem in their businesses that keeps them awake at night, or something of that nature.

Team social media and surveys by using your Facebook fan page, Twitter, and other sites to drive traffic to your lead page. You’ll build your list, connect with your peeps, and get information that will start giving you ideas on how to serve them more effectively.



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One thought on “How to Connect with Your Customers and Prospects

  1. Hi Jeanne,

    Well said; thanks for another through provoking article.

    We are living in a rather strange world, if you ask me (but you didn’t!).

    When I was growing up, people talked to each other quite a bit; in person or at the very least by phone (seems like you can’t get anyone to pickup the phone nowadays, everyone wants to text — well, that will work too with your Mobile Survey System).

    One of the things that helped me quickly build a career in financial services was simply talking to business owners, asking about the problems they were having in the areas I worked in. . .

    It worked like a charm!

    People are almost always willing to discuss two things: (1) what’s bugging them, and (2) what they’d like done to make their life better (easier, more profitable, less expensive, etc.).

    Its never been easier to get this information from people — NEVER.

    I love surveys. They are so easy to use and the results can literally transform your business (if the survey is constructed properly).

    What amazes me most about MySurveyExpert is you have made it so easy for any serious entrepreneur to get up to speed quickly, and begin utilizing surveys in their business in a matter of hours.

    Today, it is possible to transform your business in a matter of days (maybe a few weeks at most) instead of months (or maybe years).

    Anyone who wants to quickly leap to the front of their niche should join your your program and dig into the remarkably easy system you’ve created for us.

    They won’t regret it!

    Looking forward to the other installments you’ll be sending our way.

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