How to Avoid Entrepreneurs’ #1 Mistake

Recently, I showed you the first step to serving your customers and prospects well, by connecting with them.

Today, I’m going to show you the second step to building the business of your dreams, and that’s to CREATE the products or services they want to buy. Far too many business owners miss the boat because they create products they THINK their customers want to buy–and that can be a deadly mistake.

I’ve heard millionaire marketer James Malinchak say many times that the biggest mistake business owners make is creating a product and THEN trying to find out whether there’s a market for it. Just because YOU think something is great doesn’t mean your prospects and customers will.

So how do you avoid this deadly trap?  Simple: Just ASK your prospects and customers what they want, then create it for them. When you do THAT, you’ll not only create winning products but you’ll also make your prospects and customers feel invested in your business and what you’re selling, when you go to them and say, “You told me you wanted this, so I created it for you.” And you can do this easily with a simple, 2-step process–just go here to see what it is AND get a free, step-by-step guide:

The first step to finding out what your customers prospects want is the same process that will let you connect with them:  Put up a lead page or “squeeze page” that asks what their #1 question is about your topic, the #1 problem that keeps them awake at night, the #1 problem they have accomplishing ___, or the #1 challenge they’re facing right now.

In addition to posting that question on your lead page or “squeeze page,” you can also use social media to generate interest–post the question on your Facebook page, tweet about it, etc.  And you can post an “infographic” in Pinterest that drives traffic to your page.

So, with these answers, are you ready to create your product?

Absolutely not. You have IMPRESSIONS of what you THINK your market wants, but odds are that you’ve only heard from 3-5% of your market. Your next step is to take those impressions and feed them into a SURVEY, where you systematically find out if this is REALLY what your market wants.

And if you want a guide to EXACTLY how to do this, just go here:

We’ll give you our product creation roadmap, absolutely free! And check back to find out the next 2 steps to building the business of your dreams!


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