How to Have a “Cash Conversation” With An Online Survey

In this interview, Dr. Jeanne Hurlbert, our “business doctor,” shows you how to have a “cash conversation” with an online survey:

  • why money-making information is buried in your business–and how you can unearth it, to skyrocket your profits;
  • how we’re changing the game for you if you’re a local marketer–and how you can have a new revenue stream with no extra effort;
  • how you can market surveys, if you’re a “B2B business;”
  • why the REAL secret to my success with surveys is something I learned from my father–and how you can put that secret to work making money;
  • how to finally figure out where your customers are in social media and what content they want, so you connect with them to finally get social media RIO;
  • what you can learn from my experience working with the US Army Corps of Engineers after Hurricane Katrina and why that can make money for you;
  • how to get the information you need to laser target your Facebook ads, to skyrocket your conversions and sales;
  • how to use surveys to build a bond with your customers, instead of alienating them;
  • how to avoid the #1 trap of product creation, so that you create winning products that will fly off the shelves instead of losing products that could sink your business;
  • how you can put to work the EXACT technique we used for the Anthony Robbins companies, to skyrocket your opt-ins;
  • how to use the exact language of your clients, to use in your offer;
  • why what you THINK you know about your customers can cost you money;
  • how we got 868 testimonials for a client–and how you can leverage the same technique to get testimonials on autopilot;
  • how you can increase open and click-through rates on your messages by 45%;
  • the 3 key things you can do TODAY to pump up your bottom line,
  • and more!

Here it is:

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3 thoughts on “How to Have a “Cash Conversation” With An Online Survey

  1. Great video, Jeanne! You are very convincing in the interview about how valuable a survey can be to a business. I’m already one of your customers and my first client survey will be going out soon. But, I couldn’t have done it without you. Thinks for all the helpful infomation on the video.

  2. Those Surveys are just a means to get your information, so that they can lgllaey call you and send you lots of junk email, and get a way with it. Because, by giving them your information, they can send out as much – as they wish, and it is not considered spam, because you contacted them And, other that a $ 1 now and then, you will NOT make any money. But, you will spend a lot of time at it. They really just are mass contacting, trying to up their sales .

    • Real surveys are not that, at all. Anyone doing surveys ethically knows that survey respondents are NOT leads–they have not opted in/provided permission to market to them, unless you explicitly ask for that permission in the survey. Surveys are a way to find out about your audience, so that you can serve them more effectively.

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