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Survey Research…How do the “big guys” do it?


Survey Research-How do online marketers pull of those multimillion dollar launches, over and over again?


How do you build a company like Apple?

I can tell you one thing that pretty much every successful company and business owner I know has in common:  survey research.

And before you start yawning, let me tell you a story about just how powerful survey research can be.

My friend Don Crowther is a top marketer who started out in the corporate world, creating products for Fortune 500 companies.  And in an industry where 80% of the products failed, he created nothing but winners, over and over again.

In fact, he was SO successful that the products he created have raked in something like $2 billion.

survey research

How’d he do it?

Survey research.

The secret is drop-dead simple:  He asked customers what they wanted, then he created it for them.

Here’s the great news:  You can do EXACTLY what Don did—quickly, easily, and inexpensively. And you can get ahead of your competition, because chances are they WON’T know what YOU’LL know, if you put survey research together the right way. You see, over 90% of the business owners we survey think they can know their market, based on what they hear on social media.

They’re falling into a COSTLY trap.

And research can keep YOU out of that costly trap, IF you do it the right way.


What’s the trap that survey research keeps you out of?


Here’s the ugly truth:  Research shows clearly that if you’re trying to create a product based on what you hear in social media, you’ll be in BIG trouble because you’re likely to hear from only 1-5% of your community.


That means if you rely just on social media–instead of research–to get the intelligence you need,  you could waste months and months and thousands and thousands of dollars creating a product that flops.


And if you’re trying to understand how well your customer service is working based on what you hear on your blog, instead of simple survey research, you may be really confused if half the comments are very positive and half are very negative.

  • But it’s not surprising:  Unlike research, blogs tend to attract people who either love you or hate you.


Survey Research keeps you out of that trap.

That’s just one example of what research can do.


survey research example


Research can also turn your lackluster social media strategy into one that brings you HUGE return on investment.


You see, most of your competitors are playing “blind man’s bluff” in social media:

  • They’re stumbling around blindly, trying to connect with customers and prospects.
  • They don’t know what social media sites they’re on or what kind of content they want.
  • In fact, over 90% of the business owners we survey DON’T have that information about their customers and prospects.


Survey research lets you answer those all-important questions, so you can give your prospects and customers the content they want, where they are.

  • THAT’S how you build a tribe that knows and loves you and that will buy from you, over and over again.


Here’s an example of how powerful that is:

 I had clients who were about to launch a product in the golf niche. We figured their customers were probably on LinkedIn, because golf attracts so many professionals.But I’ve done research long enough that I knew not to ASSUME that was true.We did our own research, to make sure we were right. And guess what the research showed?  We were wrong! The research showed that our clients’ followers were far more active on Facebook and YouTube than on LinkedIn.


If we had moved forward WITHOUT research, we would have pursued a social media strategy that was all wrong.


That’s just one example of how research can help you transform your business.


Here’s another example:  Survey research can also give you the proof you need to transform your marketing.


  • Another of our clients had invested 6 figures in a high-end program to develop her product.
  • To make that huge investment pay off, she had to have proof that her program worked.
  • If she got the proof, she’d get a promotion from a major online marketer.
  • Without it, her future would be dubious.


So we put survey research to work for her, with a “before and after” survey—and the results were phenomenal.

 We got scientific proof that when folks came into her 3-day program, they were not even minimally competent on 15 of 17 measures of the things she taught. And after the program, they were HIGHLY proficient not only on those 17 measures but also on 10 additional measures.We also showed that 100% of the folks who attended were satisfied and 100% would recommend the program to their friends.

 The powerful proof that the research provided cinched the deal to promote her product and as a result, she quickly garnered nearly $70,000 in sales.

That’s the power of survey research.


You can use survey research…..

  • to create products your customers will clamor to buy,
  • to get proof to transform your marketing and skyrocket your conversions,
  • to laser-target your social media strategy and your Facebook ads,
  • to show you exactly who your prospects and customers ARE so you can target your messages and offers so precisely that they’ll feel you know them personally, you understand their problems and you feel their pain.


Maybe you think no one will respond to your survey research or they won’t tell the truth.

  • If you try to do it yourself, they may not respond—and if you ask questions the wrong way, you might not get the information you need.
  • But we’re offering you a proven research system that works, that gets response and gets information you can put to work in your business.

Maybe you think that it’s not worth the investment.

  • We’ve used survey research to get as many as 868 testimonials for a client in a single survey. That client had interest from a major CEO—imagine the “thud” when he put the bound volume of those testimonials on the CEO’s desk.
  • What would research proof like that be worth to your business?
  • You can recoup your investment with your first survey!


survey research team


So find out more about how MySurveyExpert can show you how Survey Research can transform your business.

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