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Survey Questions…What’s The ?


One of the questions I’m asked most is why people come to me and pay me thousands and thousands of dollars–$10,000 for a single survey, in some cases—when they could just go to a free survey software program and grab a template with survey questions to send out.


Survey Questions

What’s the DIFFERENCE, they ask?


The difference is huge—and the difference between questions that come from an expert and questions that come from a bad template

can mean the difference between success and failure for your business.


You see, the business of crafting survey questions is SERIOUS business.


Crafting survey questions is really part art and part science.

  • The science is something that too many people miss; they think they can just throw some questions together and it will work.
  • Even if you get the science right, though, your questions will fail without the art.


What’s the advantage of crafting survey questions that combine the science and art of  good survey questions?

  • Sending out GOOD survey questions will build a bond with your customers and prospects.  Sending out BAD questions that will drive them away in droves.
  • By sending out GOOD questions, you’re training your customers and prospects to answer your questions.  They’ll be happy to respond to your questions, they’ll WANT to give you the information you need to make more money because you’ll be able to show them, over and over again, “what’s in it for them.”
  • By sending out GOOD questions, you can have an ongoing conversation with your customers and prospects that will let you constantly know what’s working in your business and what needs tweaking.
  • By sending out GOOD questions, you can know exactly who your customers and prospects are and what they want.
  • Good questions will let you truly serve your customers and prospects to sell in the most authentic way possible:  You’ll serve them well because you’ll know them well.  Bad questions not only can’t give you that information, they could mislead you, costing you your customers and your business.


Here’s an example of how powerfully this can work.


  • I attended an event a few months ago and sat next to a woman who had recently taken a survey from the company sponsoring the event.
  • She didn’t know that I had written those questions when she said, “I would have told them ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING in that survey, including my physical address, because those questions made me feel that they cared about me.”


If you can write survey questions that make YOUR customers and prospects feel like that, then you have absolute gold.


You’ll be writing survey questions that let you have an ongoing, “cash conversation” with your customers and prospects.  You’ll send out questions that let you build the 4 critical pillars of your business, to connect, create, convert, and cash in.


Here are 4 of our 10 principles for putting together questions that can make that happen:


Skill #1 —Give to get:  ALWAYS give people an incentive to take your survey, like a free report or a free video.  Couple that with a chance to win something REALLY cool—like an iPad—and you’ll really get response to your questions.


Skill #2: LISTEN:  SHOW your customers you’re LISTENING to the answers to your survey questions, in 2 ways.  First, give them a report on the results from the survey questions—almost NO ONE does that and “inquiring minds want to know!”  Second, pick 3 things out of your questions—at least 1 that you’re going to act on, to help them—and do a little video telling them about those 3 key findings.


Skill #3 — Ask GOOD questions: HOW you ask the questions determines whether you make money or kill your businessYour survey questions need to be clear, your questions need to be engaging, your questions need to FEEL like a conversation.


But wait a minute:

  • Do you really have TIME to learn the art and science of writing questions?
  • Do you really WANT to invest the time and money to do that, to slave over questions and test them and figure out what works and what doesn’t?


If you’re like most business owners, you don’t.


And the simple fact is, you don’t have to.


We’ve created a simple system that lets you put together GOOD questions that will get response, quickly and easily—because we’ve done all the crafting and testing of the questions for you and put them into easy-to-use, powerful templates.


These questions have been developed and tested by our PhD survey expert.  These survey questions get results.


survey questions


Maybe you think no one will respond to your survey questions or they won’t tell the truth.

  • If you try to write questions yourself, your prospects and customers may not respond—and if you ask your questions the wrong way, you might not get the information you need.
  • But we’re offering you proven questions that work, that get response and get information you can put to work in your business.


Maybe you think using good survey questions not worth the investment.

  • We have tested questions that have garnered as many as 868 testimonials for a client in a single survey. That client had interest from a major CEO—imagine the “thud” when he put the bound volume of those testimonials on the CEO’s desk.
  • What would questions like that be worth to your business?
  • You can recoup your investment with your first survey!



survey questions woman

Learn how MySurveyExpert can give you the Survey Questions to improve your business.

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