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Satisfaction Survey…What’s the Value?

Are you struggling with conversion?

Are you frustrated because you just can’t seem to find the “magic key” that will convince your prospects to buy?


If so, you’re not alone!  Anywhere from 60% to 80% of the business owners we survey have the same problem you do:  They just can’t convert their prospects into cash-generating customers as well as they’d like.satisfaction survey


Ironically, the solution to your problem is clear.


And it’s inexpensive. It’s easy to implement. And you can have it up and running in a week.


What IS it?  Is it some over-hyped new piece of software or an overpriced training or an overused social media ploy?

No, it’s not.  It’s a simple, powerful, BASIC tool that’s PROVEN to work, over and over again:

It’s a satisfaction survey that will give you proof!


It’s one of the most fundamental building blocks of a business—something that can literally spell the difference between success and failure in your business.
If you’re deciding whether to invest in a program or a product, or whether to hire a consultant, you want PROOF that your investment will pay off, right?


Absolutely—and that’s what YOUR customers and prospects demand, as well.


And that’s what a satisfaction survey can give you.


Without your satisfaction survey, proof can be difficult and expensive to get.


  • To get a few measly testimonials, for example, you have to contact customers or clients to request testimonials, follow up to make sure you actually receive them, be sure you have permission to use them, and so forth.  That adds up into a lot of time AND money!


There is a better way:  put a “testimonial generator” in your satisfaction survey, so you have those testimonials coming in on absolute autopilot.

    • We’ve used this awesome tool to get 868 testimonials for a client!
    • One of our customers is putting this to work, right now:  She has a small ecommerce site selling home décor items.  They had just a few testimonials—but once they put their survey in place, they were getting 15-20 testimonials per month, on absolute autopilot.


And when you put a simple satisfaction survey in place in your business, you can do that, and more.


Let’s take a look at the 3 powerful forms of proof your satisfaction survey will give you and how your survey can transform your business.


As you’ve already seen, the first and most basic thing your survey will do is to give you TESTIMONIALS, the “stories that sell” in your customers’ own words.

  • Testimonials persuade us because these stories of transformation appeal to our emotions.
  • Really good testimonials make us think that we, too, could be where that client is, that our fortunes could change dramatically if we just invested in your program.


But your prospects might also be a bit skeptical about a testimonial.

  • They might wonder if it was just hand-picked,
  • if other clients have gotten similar results,
  • if the story is really true.


To answer those questions, you look for other forms of evidence—and your satisfaction survey can give them to you.


Your satisfaction survey can provide detailed information about how the people who went through your program achieved these dramatic results, through case studies.

  • These, too, provide stories of transformation, but they’re more detailed,
  • They provide in-depth information on the situation before someone used your product or program, specific information about how the product or program turned the situation around, and the results that the person achieved;

satisfaction survey form


And your survey makes it super simple to put these case studies together.


But even with these two powerful forms of proof from your satisfaction survey, doubt may continue to nag at your prospects.  They might be thinking,

“Both the case studies and the testimonials were probably selected carefully. . . ”

  • “How typical are these results?”
  • “How many people really achieved transformation from this program?”
  • “And what percentage of customers were really satisfied with the program?”


The reality is that many of your competitors won’t have the information to answer those questions, to overcome those objections.


And that’s your opportunity:  You can use your satisfaction survey to provide a third form of proof, statistical data to prove the success of your services and demonstrate just how satisfied your customers or clients are.


Just think about how powerful this is:


  • If your satisfaction survey shows that 95% of the customers who bought your product are satisfied,
  • If your survey demonstrates that 90% of the people who completed your program increased their revenues, and
  • If your survey proves that 98% would recommend this program to another business owner,
  • you’ll put their doubts to rest—and turn prospects into paying customers, quickly and easily.


So if your competitor offers 4 or 5 testimonials and a couple of case studies on his website, while your can offer hundreds of testimonials, dozens of case studies, and statistical proof that your services work and produced satisfaction among over 90% of your clients, who do you think your prospects will choose?


The answer is clear—your prospects will choose YOU because you have the best proof.


And putting your satisfaction survey in place, to get these results, couldn’t be easier.


Every client or customer who purchases a product from you, completes your coaching program, or goes through your workshop should receive a satisfaction survey with 3 key elements:

  1. General satisfaction questions, which show you how satisfied your customers are, overall—GREAT proof to use in your marketing!
  2. Specific satisfaction questions, which show you what aspects of the product your customers like best and which ones might need some tweaking;
  3. A testimonial generator—the powerful tool that can have testimonials pouring into your business on absolute autopilot.  No need to call folks up and beg them for testimonials and permission to use them—it’s all done for you, automatically.  And we’ve proven that it can literally generate hundreds upon hundreds of testimonials for you, quickly and easily.


Maybe you think that putting your satisfaction survey in place will take too much time.

  • We’ve created a system that makes it quick and easy to get your satisfaction survey up and running.  It’s so simple that it let the owner of that little ecommerce store we talked about construct her survey—the one that’s bringing in 15-20 testimonials per month on autopilot—in about 48 hours.
  • We even have “done for you” surveys that you can put on your website, right away.  They’re crafted by Jeanne, our PhD survey expert.  People pay her thousands and thousands of dollars for satisfaction surveys like these.
    • No struggling with Survey Monkey, no hassling with figuring out what kinds of questions for you, your satisfaction survey is done for you.
    • We let you customize your survey so you have exactly the questions you need for your business.
    • We even show you how to put the information from your satisfaction survey to work making money in your business, with a custom data report.
    • You can download the information from your satisfaction survey into an Excel spreadsheet, quickly and easily.


Maybe you think no one will respond to your satisfaction survey or they won’t tell the truth.

  • If you try to do your survey yourself, they may not respond—and if you ask your satisfaction survey questions the wrong way, you might not get the information you need.
  • But we’re offering you a proven survey that works, that gets response and gets information you can put to work in your business making money.


Maybe you think that it’s not worth the investment.

  • We’ve gotten as many as 868 testimonials for a client in a single survey. That client had interest from a major CEO—imagine the “thud” when he put the bound volume of those testimonials on the CEO’s desk.
  • What would proof like that be worth to your business?
  • You can recoup your investment with your first survey!


So find out more about how My Survey Expert can give you the satisfaction survey to transform your business.

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