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Have you taken a online survey from any business lately?


If you have, chances are that you didn’t have a very good online survey experience.
Let me guess:

  • The survey was too long.
  • The survey questions weren’t clear.
  • The survey started out by asking you all sorts of personal information.
  • The survey was all about THEM, not about YOU.

    online survey

  • You ended up wondering why you should spend your time and energy helping THEM make more money!


Is that the experience you want YOUR customers to have with YOUR survey?


We don’t think you should have to give them that experience.


But the problem is, you’re not a survey expert, you’re a business owner.

  • You don’t have the time or the expertise to master the art and science of doing GOOD surveys that will build a bond with your customers and prospects, instead of the BAD surveys that will drive them away in droves.


Well today, you’re going to find out how you can get the information you need to transform your business AND build a bond with your customers and prospects at the same time, with a survey that WON’T require your time and energy or break your bank.


Let’s start out by thinking about the potential and power that online surveys hold for you:


Online surveys have truly changed the entire game for small businesses, leveling the playing field with the big companies by putting the most advanced business intelligence there is in YOUR hands.


It used to be that only Fortune 500 companies could afford to find out what their customers and prospects were thinking—that’s why they had such a HUGE advantage, because they could get inside their customers’ heads to know EXACTLY what products and services to create, by doing surveys.


Here’s aOnline Survey Girln example:  My friend Don Crowther, a top marketer, used to work for a Fortune 500 company.  In an industry in which 80% of the products failed, he created nothing but winners, over and over—so much so that I think those products have now raked in something like $2 billion dollars.

But when Don worked for that Fortune 500 companies, he had a big research budget at his disposal, so he could bring in experts to find out EXACTLY what customers wanted.   Then all Don had to do was create those products, to order—that’s the secret to why those products did so well. Small companies couldn’t do that because it can cost $10,000 or more to do just ONE survey of their customers and prospects, if they want to do it right and REALLY find out what they’re thinking.

We know, because we’ve done surveys online for folks like The Tony Robbins Companies, John Assaraf, $100-million companies like Tatum, Inc 500 entrepreneur Ali Brown, best-selling authors like Simon Mainwaring and Jorge Cruise, top marketers like Andy Jenkins and Don Crowther, and many others. Although we love working with those high-level clients, we wanted to put good surveys within the reach of every business owner, to “level the playing field,” because we know most of you just can’t afford to spend thousands and thousands of dollars on a single survey online.



And we know too many of you are falling into the trap of thinking that an survey software program like Survey Monkey is going to solve that problem for you.


Why is Survey Monkey a trap?  Because, at the same time that these marvelous tools opened up tremendous opportunity for business owners like you, they’re just tools. 


  • The trap is thinking you can just grab a template from Survey Monkey, slap a survey together, and get the information you need.


  • The trap is that if you do that, you can end up doing a bad online survey that alienates your customers, that drives them away in droves, and that doesn’t give you the information you need.


  • You’ll end up far worse off than if you’d never done a survey at all.


The reason people think of surveys as the ‘s” word, the reason people don’t want to take them, is that most business owners put out bad online surveys:  They don’t make their surveys about the customers and prospects—instead “it’s all about us.” And who would want to complete a survey like that?

That attitude is no more appropriate or effective in surveys online than it is in marketing.That’s the trap.  My cousin lives in Houston and they have an expression there, “All hat and no cattle.”  Survey Monkey and software programs like it are “all tech and no talent.”If you don’t know how to do a GOOD survey, you’re sunk—and your business may sink with your survey. 


Just as you can be the best HTML coder in the world and not be able to craft a website that converts well, the best survey software program in the world won’t help you if you put out a bad survey that alienates your prospects and customers.


We want to keep you out of that trap.  That’s why we’re offering you all the tools you need to do top-notch surveys like the ones we’ve done for three New York Times-bestselling authors, without the $10,000 price tag.



We’ve created simple online survey templates—we’ve even opened the vault on the testimonial generator we used to get 868 testimonials, with permission to use them, for one of our clients.


online survey group


  • One of our customers—who owns a small ecommerce store selling home decor items—is using this awesome tool to garner 15-20 testimonials per month, on absolute autopilot.


And now we’ve done more than that.  We’ve taken those templates and produced “done for you” online surveys that you can put right on your website.

  • Your customers or clients can take your survey and you’ll get an email notification each time they complete it.
  •  You have a custom report that tells you how to put the data to work in your business making money and you can download the data from the survey into a simple Excel spreadsheet.
  • So with this, you don’t even need to use a survey software program!


We’ve given you worksheets that walk you through the process of determining exactly where you need to put surveys to work in your business, exactly what surveys you need to do first, to start making money, right away.


And because we want to ENSURE you succeed, we’re giving you twice-monthly coaching calls with me, so you can get personal help from a PhD survey expert, without the $500 per hour consulting fee.


If you want to

  • find out how to put a survey on YOUR website today, so you can create products to order and generate proof to convert prospects;
  • if you want to find out where your customers ARE in social media and what kinds of content they want, so you can laser-target your social media strategy;
  • if you want to know who your Facebook fans are, so you can easily attract more fans like them;
  • if you want to know how to craft Facebook ads that will draw your target market like flies to honey


Our Online Survey System Will Guide You Every Step Of The Way!

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