Market Research

If you’re not doing market research in your business, you’re leaving money on the table!…


-And worse, you’re risking both your business and your future, because what you don’t know can KILL your business.
Market research” should be the lifeblood of your business, because it’s one of those “little hinges that swings big doors,” one of the small, easy changes that can produce HUGE results in your business.


If marketanalysis sounds dull and dry, think again.   Having this conversation with your customers and prospects that can literally change the game in your business by building the 4 key pillars of your business:

Market Research


Pillar I:  Connect with your prospects and customers, to build a tribe that knows, likes, and trusts you;

Pillar II:  Create the products and services they really long for;

Pillar III:  Convert turn strangers into prospects, prospects into customers, and customers into livelong devotees;

Pillar IV:  Contribute by truly serving your customers and prospects:  You’ll serve them well because you’ll know them well.


If you think it’s hard to do, if you think you need a big budget and a big brain and a big army of people to do it for you, time to put on your thinking cap again.  With a few simple steps, you can have research data coming into your business, on absolute autopilot, for less money than you’re probably bleeding right now on wasted marketing efforts that aren’t working.


Before I show those steps to you, let’s look at just a FEW of the things market research can do for you.


Here are some examples:


–Market research can show you EXACTLY what new products or services your customers want, how they want them delivered, and even how much they’ll pay.  Do this critically important type of  research—with product creation surveys—and you’ll create products and services your customers and prospects will DEMAND to buy!  And our survey data show that 60% of you want to create a product.


Market research shows you where your “peeps” are in social media and what content they want, so you laser target your strategy to market your product—and our data show that 95% of business DON’T know how to do that, so you’ll be ahead of your competition;


–Market analysis can show you when your customers are happy—and when they’re not.

  • Why does that matter?  Knowing which aspects of your products and services your customers are happy with not only helps you know which products work best but also gives you wonderful information for your marketing.  And knowing which products, services, or programs need “tweaking” can let you discover and fix a problem BEFORE it affects your bottom line and drives your customers or clients away!


–Market research lets you skyrocket your conversions by knowing who your customers and prospects are, so you create messages that make them feel you know them personally, you understand their problems and you feel their pain—and if you’re like 60-70% of the people we survey, you need to increase your conversions;


–Want to leverage the hottest marketing tool out there, Facebook ads? Research can help you laser target your Facebook ads, to skyrocket your ROI.  Once you find out who your Facebook fans ARE, you can easily craft targeted ads that will let you find more fans like them.  And if you find out who your customers are and what they like, your Facebook will skyrocket sales of your products and services.  A simple Facebook poll can get those answers for you, quickly and easily!  We can even let you deploy it as a Facebook app.


Market Research can give you PROOF for your marketing.  When you decide whether to buy something or not, you look for proof—and so do your customers and prospects.  Market analysis gives you 3 forms of proof on absolute autopilot:

    1. Testimonials, the “stories that stick” in your customers’ own words.  These stories of transformation, which testify to the quality of your products or services, provide the first form of proof that can transform the effectiveness of your marketing.  But to really get results, you also need the other 2 forms of proof:
    2. Case Studies, stories of transformation in YOUR words that demonstrate the effectiveness of your products and services.
    3. Statistical data, the gold standard.  When you can show that 98% of your customers are satisfied or very satisfied with your coaching program or that 93% of the people who used your product could make and distribute a video, you offer powerful, irrefutable proof of the effectiveness of your products and services.


  • Here’s the really good news:  You can get all THREE forms of proof from a single market research survey. 


  • Here’s an example:  One of our customers sells picture frames from a small ecommerce site.  A few days after each frame ships, her autoresponder sends out a link to a simple satisfaction survey that includes our “testimonial generator.”  She not only has statistical data and the information to compile case studies but she also has 15-20 testim onials coming in, per month, without any investment of staff time or resources.  Wouldn’t YOU like to have that in YOUR business?


  • Our data show that over 81% of you don’t have even 10 testimonials on your website or blog, only 16% of you have even 5 case studies–so this kind of research is just the solution you need.



So what’s holding YOU back from achieving these awesome results??

market research answers

Maybe you think market research will take too much time.

  • We’ve created a system that makes it quick and easy to get results.  It’s so simple that it let the owner of that little ecommerce store we talked about construct her survey—the one that’s bringing in 15-20 testimonials per month on autopilot—in about 48 hours.
  • We even have “done for you” surveys that you can put on your website, right away.  They’re crafted by Jeanne, our PhD survey expert.  People pay her thousands and thousands of dollars for surveys like these.
    • No struggling with Survey Monkey, no hassling with figuring out what kinds of questions for you, it’s all done for you.
    • We even show you how to put the survey information to work making money in your business, with a custom data report.
    • You can download your information into an Excel spreadsheet, quickly and easily.


Maybe you think no one will respond to your market research survey or they won’t tell the truth.

  • If you try to do it yourself, they may not respond—and if you ask questions the wrong way, you might not get the information you need.
  • But we’re offering you a proven system that works, that gets response and gets information you can put to work in your business.


Maybe you think that it’s not worth the investment.

  • We’ve gotten as many as 868 testimonials for a client in a single survey. That client had interest from a major CEO—imagine the “thud” when he put the bound volume of those testimonials on the CEO’s desk.
  • What would proof like that be worth to your business?
  • You can recoup your investment with your first survey!


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