How to Build Your List and Your Profits the Way Tony Robbins Does

By Jeanne Hurlbert, PhD

We’re doing a really cool survey for The Tony Robbins Companies right now and I wanted to tell you about it, because YOU can do the same thing in YOUR business, to build buzz, build your list, and PROFIT!

Their company needed to do a survey to collect some information on their community and we saw this as a big opportunity to also find out how their folks were feeling about the economy and about economic opportunity, right now.

As you now, the economy is a HOT topic right now and anytime you can link a survey to a hot topic in the news or in your industry, you should leverage it.

So here’s what we did:  I looked for GOOD surveys about the economy and found good ones done by Pew Research and Gallup.

We put some of the same questions on the survey for Tony Robbins.

Why use the same questions that were in these national surveys?  Because this lets us compare what Tony Robbins’community thinks to what the country, as a whole, thinks.

That’s a GREAT strategy that you can leverage in YOUR business, because it lets you:

  • build buzz about your survey in social media, to increase your fans and followers by putting up cool content that will engage your folks;
  • tune into what your community thinks about an important issue, so you know how to connect with them
  • know more about who your folks are, which lets you increase your conversions because you can target messages and offers to make them feel you know them personally, understand their problems and feel their pain.

And it’s SUPER easy to do.

Just look for surveys on a topic related to your niche or industry–a great way to  do that is through Google Alerts, set for some of your top keywords.  You’ll see lots of surveys in those alerts.

Then when you find an interesting survey, put a little survey of your own together, using the same questions, and send a link to the survey out to your list, so they can participate.

Invite your Twitter followers and Facebook fans to participate.

And here’s a tip on that:  go to and find “hashtags” related to the topic, then include those in your tweets so folks will see your invitation to take the survey.  (For this one, we’re using things like #economy and #opportunity.)

Once you get the results, you have gold!

  • Put up a blog post, telling folks about the results and comparing them to the national results.
  • Do a video and put it on YouTube, blast it out to more sites through Traffic Geyser, to build more buzz.
  • Tweet about the results.
  • Post about the results on your Facebook fan page.

And in each of these places, invite your community to tell you what THEY think about the results.

This is a great way to leverage the power of surveys to build your community, your lists, and your buzz!

And if you want to take the survey we did for Tony Robbins, to tell him what YOU think about the economy, just go here.


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2 thoughts on “How to Build Your List and Your Profits the Way Tony Robbins Does

  1. Hi Jeanne,

    Talk about leverage!

    This is amazing to me; never knew that surveys, as a tool for marketing, had as much “horsepower” as you are showing us in your recent posts.

    Don’t think the idea of using a national survey from someone like Pew or Gallup, as a benchmark, would have ever percolated to the top of my consciousness. And it gives a lot more credibility to us when we share our data with “non-client” folks in the online community who participated in our survey, and the community at large.

    Getting to the pain folks are feeling on various topics is extremely powerful and useful information, and not just from a marketing perspective as you clearly pointed out. The ability to truly bond with people, to really empathize and connect with them IS worth its weight in gold.

    Additionally, it seems this approach opens up the possibility of learning other very valuable demographic information from our existing clients, stuff we might not have had a clue about previously, which can help us attract even more prospects than might have been the case otherwise.

    Frankly, I could go on and on about the ideas you’ve sewn. However, I think I need to get busy and follow your suggestions and create something like this for myself.

    Thank you so much!


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