Survey Software: Is it The Great Equalizer

Back in “the old days,” programming a survey was a monumental task–IF you could afford the expensive software to do it.  As a result, doing surveys often lay beyond the financial reach of small- to medium-sized companies. Now, however, inexpensive, easy-to-use survey software programs ensure that even the smallest company can integrate surveys into the systems and processes of its business, which means they can “get inside their customers’ heads” as well as a Fortune 500 firm.

That means EVERY entrepreneur should be thinking about how to integrate surveys into his or her business.  Here are some tips on places to target:

  • Write surveys to evaluate customer satisfaction with your major products.  Send a suvey link to EVERYONE who purchases the product, within 2 weeks after purchase.
  • Periodically survey your customer base to get ideas for product creation.
  • Survey your list regularly to gauge their satisfaction with your communications–newsletter, e-mails, etc.
  • Use surveys to generate evidence that your products work.
  • Use surveys to generate referrals.
  • Use surveys to elicit testimonials.

These are just a few of the ways you can integrate surveys into your business.  Online survey software packages can be obtained for as little as $200–which means if you’re not doing surveys in your business, you should start doing so, right away.

The pro’s at My Survey Expert are confident that if you start integrating Online Surveys into all aspects of your business you’ll see your profits soar!

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