How to Skyrocket Your Conversions

So, you’ve built a CONNECTION with your customers and prospects and you’ve started CREATING the products or services they want to buy. But how do you get them to buy–how do you increase your CONVERSIONS?

Well, that’s a REALLY important question, because most of the business owners we survey tell us that they struggle with conversion. The simple fact is that most of you aren’t making nearly as much money as you SHOULD be making because you lack the most critical factor that could skyrocket your conversions.

What is it? It’s SOCIAL PROOF–evidence that your products work or your services change lives. You see, when you’re deciding to buy something, you’re looking for proof, right? Well, your prospects and customers are no different–they want proof, as well.  And if you can’t give it to them, they’re likely to buy from someone who CAN give them that proof. You probably know you should be getting testimonials but if you’re like most of the business owners we survey, you aren’t doing very well. The vast majority of business owners we survey don’t have even 10 testimonials on your website or blog.

Well, we can help you solve that problem because we have a tool that has gathered as many as 876 testimonials, with permission to use them, inside a survey.

Here’s something else:  You should not only be gathering testimonials but also two other powerful forms of social proof, case studies and statistical data. That way, you’ll have ALL your bases covered and you can appeal to people’s logic AND to their emotions. And if you want the EXACT tool we used to get those 876 testimonials, just go here:



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