How to Use Facebook Ads * Surveys To Create Winning Products

By Jeanne Hurlbert, PhD
One of my passions is to share with you what I learn from working with my clients, so that you can profit from my learning curve (and my mistakes!).

I haven’t done that as much as I usually do lately, because we’ve been so insanely busy, and I apologize for that.

But I wanted to share with you some work we’ve been doing with Facebook ads and let you know how this strategy can help you get information to create winning products, find out how to laser-target your marketing, and increase your revenue.

Best thing is, this strategy works whether you have a list or not!

The secret is to use Facebook ads to drive traffic to a brief survey.

I’m doing this for one of my clients right now.

Her target market is Baby Boomers–she’s helping them retire successfully (because the dirty truth is that 60 MILLION of them won’t have enough to retire!!)

If YOU ARE A BOOMER (48-65) and you want to learn more, get her free report on how NOT to be among the 60 million who may outlive their funds, AND get the chance to win a $50 Amazon gift card, just go here

Here’s the deal: She has created a product and wants to make sure that she has something that REALLY hits the problems and pains of Boomers.

She also wants some info to use in her marketing.

And she doesn’t have a list yet.

So this survey is designed to get the information to accomplish all of those things.

NOTE: When people take this survey, they will NOT be placed on her list. That’s NOT ethical.

But because she doesn’t have a list, she can use this as a GREAT way to get information about her target market that she can use to help that market.

I’ll keep you posted on the project.

For now, if you ARE A BOOMER and you want to help her out, get a free report, AND a chance to win a $50 Amazon gift card, just go here.

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