Satisfaction Survey: Why You Should Have One In Place

Satisfaction SurveySuppose you could show your customers data that showed that more than 90% of your customers were satisfied, on 7 different measures–real, scientific measures of satisfaction–something like this.

Pretty cool, huh?  Well, you can get those data on an ongoing basis, easily and inexpensively.

And I can pretty much guarantee they’ll have a HUGE impact on your customers and prospects.  In fact, I’d be willing to bet it could double, triple, or even quadruple your profits.

I saw this in action this week, at my daughter’s school.  At their annual Open House, where prospective parents come to tour the school to decide whether they want their children to attend the school.

And featured at the event were survey results that showed that more than 90% of current parents are satisfied, on 7 different measures.

As you can imagine, that was VERY persuasive evidence for these parents.  These data spoke volumes, far more effectively than anything we could say.  One parent was so impressed he wanted to try to move his child into the school right away.

Well, guess what–if you’re running a business, you’re having “Open House” every day, as you compete for customers.

Don’t you want to have evidence like this to CONVERT those prospects–evidence many of your competeitors lack?

Imagine if you could have  a chart like this sitting on your home page or sales page.

Imagine if beside that, you could list literally hundreds of testimonials from satisfied customers, telling these prospects how your products and services transformed their businesses or changed their lives.

Imagine if you could also put case studies on that page, “stories that stick” because they show exactly how your products or services worked.

Let us show you how you could have a survey like this in place, in just a few hours.

You can have all that on your home page and sales page, if you put a a Satisfaction Survey in place for your products and services.

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