If you need more to find the marketing message that finally CONNECTS with your audience; if you need to create a product your customers WANT to buy; if you need more conversions or sales… Then what I'm about to show you could change your business, today.

"I'll show you PROVEN Techniques-and I'll work With You Personally, Without Breaking Your Bank-To Help you Increase Your Revenue By As Much As 100% This Year"

You'll take advantage of my advanced training and my decades of experience helping The Tony Robbins Companies, $100-million companies, New York Times-bestselling authors, and professionals and experts from all walks of life:

If you're an author, expert, speaker, coach, consultant, publicist or PR professional; if you are a small business owner; if you are working for a nonprofit; if you are a professional who wants to finally be rewarded for your skills and expertise, this is an important message for you.

Here's the harsh reality, three COLD HARD FACTS other people AREN'T telling you about your business:

FACT #1:

If you don't have…
  • At least 15 testimonials, stories of transformation in your customers', clients', or patients' own words;
  • At least 5 case studies, YOUR description of how your product got results or your service changed lives;
  • Real, solid, statistical data showing that 90% of your clients are satisfied, 95% would invest in you and your business again…

Then you're leaving 1/3 or more of your revenue on the table.

Why? Because research shows the biggest predictor of business success is being able to differentiate your business in the marketplace-and these 3 forms of proof do that more effectively than any other strategy you could use

FACT #2:

  • You don't know who the visitors are who come to your website or cross your transom, so you can customize follow-up;
  • You can't automate a conversation with them;
  • You don't know who your prospects are, which ones buy from you and why, so you can laser target your marketing to find MORE prospects like the ones who are already buying…

Then you're leaving 1/3 or more of your revenue on the table.

Why? Because you can't serve people well if you don't KNOW them well and you certainly can't SELL to them if you don't know who they are and what they need

FACT #3:

If you don't know:
  • EXACTLY what the next product is that your customers want;
  • What elements to include in that product, to maximize sales;
  • How your customers want that product delivered;
  • What they'll pay;
  • When they're satisfied-and when they're not…

Then you're leaving ANOTHER 1/3 or more of your revenue on the table.

Why? Because one of the biggest mistake business owners make is creating a product, service, or program, THEN trying to find a market for it-instead of just asking people what they want and creating it for them

THAT'S why I can help you increase your revenue by as much as 100% this year.

More than 80%--that's 8 out of 10-of you lack the proof you need to convert and sell.

Over 92% of you don't know what products your customers want.

And 96% of you lack the information you need to target your marketing messages.

“…the data that you helped me capture will inform the decision making process for my entire business...”

While I thought that I had a pretty good handle on what I needed to ask my audience, Jeanne's patient insight into the process revealed that I needed to take a seat and let the professional do her job. If I had not used Jeanne, it's very likely I would have ended up with a mess of un-usable data that provided no solid conclusions or insight — and possibly a large group of survey takers frustrated and upset because of the nature of my questions. Thanks very much Jeanne — the data that you helped me capture will inform the decision making process for my entire business for well into the next 12 months.

— Andy Jenkins, "The Video Boss"

Why? Because you don't know what you need and you don't know how to GET what you need.

You don't have a SYSTEM.

And you don't know how easy and inexpensive a PROVEN system can be.

That system will change the game in your business, my friend.

Our system for getting testimonials has gotten 868 testimonials, WITH permission to use them. One of my clients-a tiny little ecommerce business-uses that system to get 10-15 testimonials a month. Each month. Every month. On autopilot.

The data are clear: You need help. You need to CONNECT with your customers and prospects. You need to understand

  • who they are,
  • what they need, and
  • how to sell to them.

If you don't know that, you're playing a costly game of "blind man's bluff."

That game threatens your business.

It threatens your security.

And it threatens your family.

Well, you're not alone. MOST business owners are just like you.

And I want to help you scoop up the money that's hiding in plain sight.

  • If you want to finally have the income that matches your expertise;
  • If you want to be rewarded at last for your experience;
  • If you want to put your gifts out there to make a DIFFERENCE for your customers, clients, or patients;
  • Then this may be the most important letter you read this year.

Our unique program lets you do all these things.

Together, you and I will overcome your 3 biggest obstacles to your success.

I'm Dr. Jeanne Hurlbert. I'm a PhD sociologist who has studied the economy and labor markets.

I see what this New Economy is all about. And I know how to succeed in it.

I'm an expert in surveys and social networks. I served on the faculty of Louisiana State University for more than 25 years. I've worked with hundreds of people like you.

I'm so good at solving these problems that $100-million companies like Tatum, business owners like John Assaraf and other New York-times bestselling authors, people like Don Crowther and Andy Jenkins, celebrities like Dr. Sara Gottfried come to me for help. And I used my experience helping THEM to create this unique program for YOU.

“The survey produced a road map to tell me where to take my business.”
Media relations consultant, professional speaker, and social media expert

"My customer profile survey gave me valuable, detailed information I couldn't have gotten anywhere else. It produced a roadmap that shows me where to take my business. It generated more than 60 testimonials for my website. And it told me what products and services my customers want—-even how much they'd be willing to pay for them!  Jeanne, you went far above and beyond what I expected from your services, from helping me with customer service issues to making step-by-step recommendations on how to follow through on the survey results. I couldn't have done it without you."

— Joan Stewart, The Publicity Hound (www.PublicityHound.com).

Make 3 Payments of $427

cards (19K)

But the secret didn't just come from my PhD. It really came from something I learned from my father, years ago…

You see, my father was a banker in a small farming community. That was in northeastern North Carolina-but it wasn't "Mayberry."

Mayberry dwarfed Sunbury, our town of 200 embedded in a county of 9,000.

So I was blessed with "good roots." White fences around green fields. Neat, red brick houses down long lanes. The aroma of freshly dug peanuts in the fall.

My father knew pretty much everybody in our little town.

He knew the car dealer, the struggling farmers, the small business owners.

I tagged along with him a lot when he visited with these folks. And I watched him carefully.

He always had a ready smile and a genuine interest in who people were and what they needed.

By the time I was 5, he had taught me to look people in the eye. He had taught me to shake hands firmly (no "limp dishrags"). He taught me to listen for clues about who people are. He taught me to watch people's reactions. He showed me how to learn "what makes people tick."

In short, he taught me how to connect with people.

You see, if you just ask the right questions, you'll know the whole story.

You'll know who people are. You'll know what they need. You'll know how to help them. You'll know how to make a difference for them. And you'll know how to succeed.

But most business owners don't know how to do that.

The money's on the table--but your hands are tied behind your back. I want to untie your hands. I want to teach you what my father taught me.

“Jeanne gets how to properly integrate the process of asking and getting feedback from customers so that your entire business is built upon customer needs.”

Jeanne Hurlbert is a survey genius! She gets them: not only how to create and write them, but much more importantly, Jeanne gets how to properly integrate the process of asking and getting feedback from customers so that your entire business is built upon customer needs. If you're wanting to understand your customers, to better connect with them, to sell products that people actually want to buy; in short - to make more money in your business - Jeanne's the person to call! Just do it, now!

— Don Crowther, Social Profit Formula

I remember one of the many people my father helped. He drove a beat-up Ford pickup truck. You didn't see the white forehead above his tanned face until he took off his John Deere cap.

He wanted to build his first house. But the bank on the other side of the county wouldn't give him a mortgage. My father gave it to him.

Why? My father understood who that guy was. He learned enough about him to give him the loan. And it made a huge difference for that guy's family. He never, ever forgot that my father believed in him.

Now, you might think my father was naÔve. But he wasn't.

When my father took a chance like that, he was almost never wrong.

He ran one of the most successful banks around. He had one of the best "loan ratios" going.

You see, he was a sharp business guy.

He was sharp enough to know that the secret to success lay in TRULY UNDERSTANDING his customers and prospects.

My father had some serious customer intelligence. It just wasn't called that, back then.

That customer intelligence was HIS secret weapon. It was the key to HIS success. My father served people well because he knew them well.

That's what I learned from my father. And that's what I've packaged for you, in this unique program.

I took what I learned from my father. I added the science, the 25 years of experience.

  • Asking the right questions.
  • In the right order.
  • To get the customer intelligence you need.
“…surveys are the newest old way of cutting through the clutter on the Internet and getting the information you need to double or triple your sales”
Media strategist for Fortune 500 companies, Internet millionaires, best-selling authors, and entrepreneurs

"Jeanne Hurlbert is a genius at constructing surveys that ask the right questions to elicit the information you need to get to know your clients and customers so you can create the right products for their needs. She's the missing piece in the social networking puzzle that puts a human face on the truly important aspects of connecting.

I didn't know what I didn't know about surveys until I worked with Hurlbert. There's a sophisticated science behind developing questions that tell you what customers really think.

Hurlbert gives you the tools, then shows you how to use them to construct a survey that will give you accurate results. Her personal input is invaluable as she's been on the forefront of developing surveys for over 20 years. If you don't know it yet surveys are the newest old way of cutting through the clutter on the Internet and getting the information you need to double or triple your sales."

— Susan Harrow, CEO of www.PRSecrets.com & author of Sell Yourself Without Selling Your Soul.

I can show you how to unlock your handcuffs and scoop up that extra revenue. You just need to

  • Know who your customers and prospects are, so you can laser target your marketing messages and skyrocket your conversions;
  • Know EXACTLY what products your audience wants, so you can create winners, every single time-products and services that make money because they make a DIFFERENCE in people's lives; and
  • Have the PROOF of the results your products and services produce, so people know that YOU'RE the one who can make it all happen for them.

That's what this cutting-edge system does.

But at its core, the science is just a high-tech way to do EXACTLY what my father did.

It's another way to shake people's hands and look them in the eye. It's another way to understand who they are and what they need.

Make 3 Payments of $427

cards (19K)

“…Dramatically increases the chance of successful launches”
Kyle Widner
CEO, WildDivine.com

"The depth and breadth of demographic and psychographic insights Jeanne provided was breathtaking. Not only were we able to solidly identify who our customers and prospects are, but we also gained valuable insight into what they WANT. This gives us a much higher degree of confidence in the creation of our future products, and dramatically increases the chance of successful launches.

We also learned where we need to improve, and took care of some specific customers that had fallen through the cracks."

— Kyle Widner, CEO, WildDivine.com

Those of you who've been in our community for a while know what we do. And I'm so proud that we've connected with you and helped so many of you.

But as I've worked with you, I've learned from you. Just like my father did.

I've seen what you need. I've seen what works. And I've seen what DOESN'T work.

I've learned just how limited your time really is.

I've seen how many different pressures you're under.

I know what it's like to try to run a business. I know what it's like to struggle to put your expertise to work for people. And I know what it's like to wake up at 3 AM wondering where the next client is going to come from.

“Had I Done a Survey on My Own, I Would Have Wasted a Ton of Time and Potential Opportunity.”
PhD psychologist, retailer

"As a PhD psychologist, I thought I had a good understanding of survey research. After meeting and talking in depth with Jeanne and Mike, I knew I had a long way to go in understanding how surveys can help my business. So I bought their product and hereís what I found:

The material is clear and concise. I opened the email, logged in to the system, watched the videos, printed off the worksheets, and walked step-by-step through the process of creating my first survey.

I'm amazed at the different levels of application of this tool. I'm thinking about my business and my customers in a completely different manner. I know how to get the exact information I need to expand my business. I can't imagine where I would be without this tool!

Had I done a survey on my own (without Jeanne and Mike's system), I would have wasted a ton of time and potential opportunity.

I highly recommend this product!"

— Steve Fultz, Stuph Clothing

So for the very first time, I've put together a step-by-step program where I work WITH YOU.

Together, we'll solve those 3 big problems in your business.

  • First, we'll get the proof you need. We'll show you how to convert prospects into customers and customers into lifelong fans.
  • Once we solve that problem, we'll figure out EXACTLY who your customers are. We'll figure out what they need. And then we'll target your marketing.
  • Then, we'll figure out what products or services your audience wants. You'll finally know exactly what to give them.
“It's a beautiful thing when science aligns with your marketing goals…”
Sara Gottfried, MD

"Even as a Harvard-trained physician with years of scientific training, I didn't know how to craft the measures and surveys that would give me the proof I needed to market my online programs effectively—that is, evidence of the transformation those programs produce.

Dr. Jeanne Hurlbert designed a rigorous "before and after" survey that gave me PROOF of my client's transformations—irrefutable, scientifically-valid evidence. She also gathered robust testimonials and validation of how satisfied my clients were, right inside the survey!

If you're a coach or trainer or have a product that produces change, use Jeanne's awesome strategies both to document how you're changing lives, and to prove your intended outcomes. It's a beautiful thing when science aligns with your marketing goals, and Jeanne bridges masterfully those two often disparate domains."

— Sara Gottfried, MD, www.saragottfriedmd.com

And as a bonus, I'm going to teach you something really cool. I'm going to show you how one of my clients gets a 70% opt-in rate on an ebook. The book comes out of an industry survey she does, every year. These industry surveys are GOLD because YOU become the authority. YOU have the data everybody in your industry wants. And YOU get people to opt into YOUR list, in droves, to get it.

“We highly recommend Jeanne to anyone who wants to use surveys to dominate their market.”
Gail Doby
Design Success University

"Jeanne was extremely helpful in refining our survey to be more concise and effective. We now have the confidence to use the revised version with powerful joint venture partners. We highly recommend Jeanne to anyone who wants to use surveys to dominate their market."

— Gail Doby, Design Success University

Make 3 Payments of $427

cards (19K)

How cool is THAT?

Here's a clip from a presentation I did at Paid for Life, with Mike Koenigs and Frank Kern. It's about how you can create your "money tree:"

I want to help YOU grow YOUR money tree.

So, how EXACTLY are we going to make all this happen?

Well, we're going to go through the process of solving these 3 big problems, in a 6-module course.

This is not just training. After each module, I'll work with you to put the information to work.

“Anyone not using quizzes the way Jeanne recommends is leaving significant money on the table.”

"About a year ago, I began work with Jeanne Hurlbert to design and develop a quiz to be used as a lead generation tool.

The results and the information that I have gleaned from these quizzes are phenomenal, and has surpassed all of my expectations.

Not only has the quiz generated more business; it has helped me understand more clearly the problems and issues my prospects are having."

— Steve Clark, CEO, www.newschoolselling.com
“I was able to complete my survey in just one day!”
Leading Etiquette Trainer and Celebrity Speaker

I had to write to say Thank you! Thank you! for the great service you and Mike have created that has made it soooo easy for a computer challenged small business owner, like myself, to learn the "right way" to put quickly put together an effective survey.

Once I got over the fear of simply doing it and viewing a few of the great tutorials you've created, I was able to complete my survey in just one day.

Then, with your expert review of the questions that contained great suggestions to polish it, I was then able to create the survey in Survey Monkey within hours... and voila the survey was ready for blasting out.

I can't express enough how great MySurveyExpert is and I would highly recommend it to every business owner as a critical component to their business to best learn what their customers want, versus what you think they might need. I sure learned a great deal from my survey and also now know how to interpret the results I receive.

I invite anyone who wishes to ask me questions directly to please contact me directly. I'd be delighted to share all I know about this great product and service.

— Syndi Seid, International Trainer, Speaker and Founder of San Francisco-based Advanced Etiquette. www.AdvancedEtiquette.com

When we're done, you can have everything in place.

  • Your marketing message will be transformed.
  • You'll have the proof you need to skyrocket conversions.
  • You'll be creating the products your audience wants.

Here's what we'll do in these 6 modules:

Module #1:Proof Profits(Social Proof, Part 1)

  • The EXACT tool we used to gather 868 testimonials for a client--what would that be worth in YOUR business-?
  • Use your testimonials on sales pages, blogs, Facebook; create Pinterest infographics; get video testimonials for your website and YouTube
  • Identify case study candidates quickly and easily
  • Use our case study template to build effective case studies quickly
  • Use your case studies in white papers, media interviews, webinars, social media, and more

Module #2:Conversion Capture(Social Proof II)

  • Be able to show 98% of your customers were satisfied, 90% would recommend
  • Demonstrate how your products got results or services changed lives
  • Differentiate your business in the marketplace with real quantitative proof, to build revenue
  • Get the evidence that can help you if the FTC questions testimonials
  • Get data for effective launches and high-converting webinars

Module #3:Turbo-Charged Transformation(Social Proof III)

  • Coaches and consultants: Produce the dramatic proof of transformation most of your competitors WON'T have
  • Scientific model to prove results
  • Streamlines your coaching
  • Demonstrates results to every client, transforms your marketing, skyrockets conversions
  • Increase retention by documenting results

Module #4:Profile Profits

  • Finally unmask your customers and prospects to create marketing magic
  • Secrets to creating targeted, high-converting marketing messages and social media content
  • Segment your list to skyrocket click-throughs and conversions
  • Automate a conversation with your prospects, through quizzes
  • Laser target follow-up to increase sales--generic messages fail, specific messages convert!

Module #5:Creation Catapult

  • Create products your customers will feel invested in and BUY!
  • Our proprietary, 2-stage product creation system
  • Get impressions of what you THINK your market wants in social media
  • Use that to create compelling social media content, ebooks, and Kindle books
  • Create a product creation survey to test those images, get a roadmap for creating your product
  • The tool top businesses use to create winning products!

Module #6:Tribe Builder

  • Our secret weapon becomes yours!
  • Industry surveys that make you the go-to authority in your space
  • Create kindle books or e-books
  • Create "lead magnets"--this technique got one of our clients a 70% opt-in rate!
  • Businesses pay us $20,000 and more for these surveys!
  • Profit Rocket Quiz Model
    ($297 Value)
  • Response Magnet emails
    ($97 value)
  • Incentive Guide
    ($97 value)
  • 2-month membership in MSE Platinum Monthly
    ($194 value)
  • Social Media * Surveys webinar
    ($497 Value)
  • 1-1 strategy session
    (fast action)

I'm tired of seeing people fail in online training programs because they're buried in a lot of detail and can't take action.

I mean, I talked with a friend recently who had just taken a course and was telling me how disappointed she was that SHE failed to put it to work.

"They over-delivered," she said, "giving us 4 hours of teleseminars each week, rather than the two they promised. But I ended up with all this technical detail and no road map of how to actually get going. I'm no closer to getting a product out now than I was when I started-I just have a lot of information that I don't know how to use."

The simple fact is, SHE didn't fail-THEY did.

That just shouldn't happen.

I know one thing for sure: After 25 years as a university professor, I can put complex information into a format that's you can understand and USE. I do it every day.

That's what I've done for you.

And you get my guarantee, my professional promise to you.

You'll also get:

  • A template to measure how satisfied your customers are with your products and services, so you keep the winners fresh and the profits rolling in.
  • The EXACT "testimonial generator" that I've used to get over 100 testimonials in a single survey, so you can keep getting a stream of testimonials with virtually no effort.
  • A simple recipe for getting and using 3 forms of proof that will let you skyrocket your conversions AND comply with the FTC guidelines.
  • An easy way to find out what your customers would like in a membership site (and how much they're willing to pay for it!), so you can create that all-important recurring monthly income. (Better get this one fast, because we're going to be selling it in a stand-alone product soon!)
  • A model for generating referrals, prospects who are "pre-qualified" because they're like the people who are already buying.
  • A template to find out what products and services your customers would like you to create-so you can create winning products, each and every time.
  • A model for getting "intake" information for a coaching program, based on surveys I us in my own coaching business. This lets you know who people are and what they need BEFORE you meet with them, so you can give them what they need.
  • "Pre- post" surveys that let you show how far your customers and clients came by using your products, services, or coaching programs. This is a KILLER tool because it gives absolute proof that your products work and your services change lives, proof you can use in your marketing to have prospects beating down your door.
  • A simple recipe for creating case studies, simply and easily, so you can show prospects in detail how your products and services work so they'll be ready to sign up.
  • A quick and easy survey to find out how satisfied your customers are with a seminar, teleseminar, or presentation, so you can overcome prospects' objections and ramp up conversions

I am a professional and I'm bound by a strict code of ethics.

If, for any reason, you aren't completely satisfied, you will receive a full refund if requested within 30 days of purchase. Promise

And here's my promise to you:

If you're not completely blown away by the quality of this system, if you're not finding out what your customers think and giving prospects the proof they need, just ask us for a refund within 30 days and we'll give you your money back, no questions asked.

sig_jeanne (6K)
“Had we used our old way of thinking…it would have taken us 2-3 years to get where we are today.”
Gary Occhino
PGA of America Member
Greg Liberto
Thinking Skills Expert

"Your approach gave us a completely different mindset towards marketing our product. Had we used our old way of thinking (and marketing) it would have taken us 2-3 years to get where we are today."


"We were able to determine what price point people were willing to pay and where they needed to improve their golf game, specifically. We also received over 30 testimonials and determined what social networking sites they were using most frequently. This survey was instrumental in our product launch."

— Gary Ochino and Greg Liberto, INDARE Golf

That's what we'll create for you.

No hype. No magic wand. No magic printing press churning out money. No "sit on the beach and earn millions" promises.

Just real, proven techniques.

“…She went out of her way to provide us with valuable insights…”

"We had an urgent project to capture business demographic information from our customer base. Not only did Jeanne design and execute a survey to capture this data, she recommended an approach that provided tremendous added value from a product planning and marketing perspective. After the survey was completed she went out of her way to provide us with valuable insights into the results."

— Karen Davis

I want to make a difference in YOUR business so you can make a difference in the lives of others. So you can rock your mission and live your dreams.

I love nothing better than working with people like you. So if you're ready, let's get started.

This system will pay for itself in the first module, if you put this to work-and I'm here to make SURE you get results.

“…Jeanne Hulbert will definitely deliver!”

"When it comes to developing an Assessment for your business…Jeanne Hulbert should be your first and only call. If you're interested in building a robust email list that is positioned to hear your offer, Jeanne Hulbert will definitely deliver!"

— Tim Templeton, CEO, Loyalty Connect Inc.
“A wonderful offering for busy entrepreneurs and business owners”
Author of Healing the Spirit/Matter Split

"Jeanne Hurlbert's survey system is a wonderful offering for busy entrepreneurs and business owners who want to be in continual, 'customer-centric' dialogue with their prospects and clients, a systematic approach you can build on for years to come. Even better, Jeanne practices what she preaches — she goes the extra mile again and again to serve us, and I'm confident she'll do the same for you."

— Saniel Bonder, spiritual author and teacher, Pres. of Extraordinary Empowerments (www.heartgazing.com).
“…A powerful lead generator…”

"…the smartest content marketing tool I've used…Jeanne's survey techniques are the finest: a professional quiz acts as a powerful lead generator while starting a relationship with prospects…"

— Patsi Krakoff, Psy.D., WritingOnTheWeb.com

All you need to do to put the awesome money-making power of our system in your hands is to click here to make the investment that will pay for itself, over and over again.

We look forward to welcoming you into the MySurveyExpert community and partnering with you to have an ongoing conversation with your customers, to build your community.


Jeanne's Signature

Jeanne Hurlbert, PhD, Foremost expert on surveys;
featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Oprah and Friends, and more

Make 3 Payments of $427

cards (19K)

  • "How to Re-Energize Your List in Three Easy Steps, to Get Your Profits Pouring In" download
  • "How to Stop Playing 'Blind Man's Bluff' in Social Media" download

    Here are some questions we are frequently asked:

  • I don't have a product yet. How can surveys help me?

    We used a survey to create THIS product and you can do the same thing!

    We've created an AWESOME product creation system that lets you harness the power of social media AND surveys to create your product, in 2 easy steps. When you join our community, you get the ENTIRE system! This system lets you get the information you need to create a product, to order, that your prospects and customers will BEG to buy. You can find out what they want, how they want it delivered, and even what they'll pay for it. You can even use this system to create a membership site, so people will keep paying you, month after month! We've included a special membership site creation template in the product.

  • How is this different from Survey Monkey?

    Survey Monkey, Qualtrics, and similar online survey SOFTWARE programs let you program surveys and give them to your customers and prospects. That's just the "tech:" To make money, you have to combine the TECH with the TALENT—and that's where we come in. Just as you can be the best HTML coder in the world and not build a high-converting website if you can't write copy that connects with your customers and prospects, you can't make money from surveys if you can't write GOOD surveys. Our system lets you write GOOD surveys that your customers will answer, instead of BAD surveys that will drive them away. That's how you make money, that's how you can transform your business AND your life.

  • Can't I just find out everything I need to know from social media, without surveys?

    Social media is incredibly powerful for building brand, establishing yourself as an expert and driving traffic. But research shows that you probably only hear from 1-5% of your customer base on your blog or in social media. So if you create a product based on what you hear there, you could create a product that FAILS miserably because only a tiny fraction of your customer base wanted it. That's a prescription for disaster! You CAN turn that pitfall into profits by teaming social media with surveys. Take the impressions from social media—the things you THINK they want—and test those impressions systematically with surveys. We've developed a method for doing that and you'll get that system when you join our community. What's more, we'll show you how to feed your survey results back into social media, to create buzz and draw in new prospects!

  • Don't surveys just "lead" people? Can they really tell me what my customers think?

    This is one of THE most important questions in surveys, because the bottom line is that you've GOT to get inside your customers' and prospects' heads if you're going to make money. The more accurately you do that, the more money you're going to make: Knowing exactly what people want, what they'll pay, when they're satisfied (and when they're not) can double, triple, or even quadruple your profits.

    To accomplish that, you've got to write GOOD questions that DON'T lead people. That's harder to do than you think-it really is part art and part science.

  • What's the difference between a survey and a quiz?

    Surveys just collect data from your customers and prospects, without giving them any "return script." Quizzes are a special type of survey that gives a customized script back to the prospect or customer. That's the beauty of quizzes—you have a chance to provide a customized recommendation, based on who they are and what they need, that leads them directly to YOUR product or service! Quizzes are really popular right now, with good reason, because they can up conversion rates DRAMATICALLY. But most people aren't leveraging them well—and as a result, they're not getting NEARLY the conversions they COULD and SHOULD be getting from quizzes. When you join the MySurveyExpert community, you'll learn how to do quizzes the RIGHT way and you'll have UNLIMITED access to our quiz system, so you can build all the quizzes you want!

  • Will I be able to get folks to TAKE my surveys?

    When you join the MySurveyExpert community, we'll teach you PROVEN ways to make sure your customers take your surveys, so that YOU get the information you need to make money.

    • We'll teach you 4 sure-fire techniques to "train" your customers to take your surveys.
    • We'll show you how to make surveys FUN for your customers.
    • We'll show you how to make your customers WANT to give you the information that will make YOU more money!
  • I'm not an online marketer. Will this product work for me?

    Absolutely. This system will work for any small business person, online or offline. We've helped everyone from government agencies and $100-million companies to multi-million-dollar entrepreneurs to fledgling startups; the techniques are the same, regardless of what kind of business you're running. You can use the "done-for-you" surveys, templates, worksheets, and video modules with no problem whatsoever. And, in the live coaching calls, you'll get the chance to ask specific questions about your business and get answers from an expert.

  • I'm a really advanced marketer with a thriving business. Can surveys REALLY help me make MORE money?

    They can. There's a REASON the very top marketers—the ones making millions and millions of dollars-keep doing surveys, over and over again. And there's a REASON they come to US to help them do them. Many of them have a satisfaction survey attached to EVERY product they sell and even the ones they give away! They segment their lists, so they can personalize messages to their customers. One top marketer segments his list 36 different ways!

    ANY business has to constantly grow and improve to stay competitive. Surveys can get you more and better proof that your products and services work, help you create new products faster and more easily, bring more prospects into your funnel, show you what's working in your business and what needs to be fixed, tell you when and where you can increase your prices, and much more!